Crisis Management Innovations

Innovative solutions to prepare you for everyday crisis events.

About Us


Established in 2009, the focus for Crisis Management Innovations (CMI) has been to create world class products targeting crisis event management, business continuity and disaster recovery. By leveraging decades of Information Technology experience, along with extensive training and experience in crisis event management and business continuity, we have and are developing a suite of unique and innovative software products, targeting this niche market.


From years of dealing with corporate events to handling and working through natural disasters, we understand the key elements to effectively prepare for and handle crisis events.  This inspired us to designing and developing innovative crisis tools.

Targeted Solutions

  • Crisis Readiness & Preparedness
  • Personal Home Inventory
  • Crisis Alert Tools
  • Crisis Recovery Tools
  • Wearable Event Assistant with Checklist
  • Community Integration Tools
  • Crisis Assistance Hub

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